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“Words can't describe your dedication, your patience, your persistence, and your quality work which allowed us to be "the best we can be" at Partner Summit!”

Vice President

Data Center Virtualization & Cloud Go-To-Market

Worldwide Partner Organization

Cisco Systems


"The best way to describe BiggerMarketing is as a "Swiss Army Knife" for business! They can perform an incredibly wide range of duties and always deliver professional level results. The bonus is their creative side, suggesting and implementing ideas that we never even thought of, all focused on increasing our business. You will certainly increase your ROI when you work with BiggerMarketing. They are the pros!"
Brian Klosterman
CEO at Your Safety Place, Inc.
Nexis Preparedness Systems
"Michelle at BiggerMarketing and I recently put on a large scale telepresence event for executives at NetApp and Cisco and their joint partners worldwide that was fairly new to the market. She was flexible, understanding and went above and beyond to make sure it was successful. Having the event in John Chamber’s personal executive board room with 8 telepresence screens was due to Michelle’s sphere of influence and relationships at Cisco."
Robyn Duda
Brand Director, InformEx at UBM Connect


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